EasyRite Interactive Board

Code:   EIW001

We provide you with our exquisite range of Interactive White Boards for various purposes of applications. Interactive White Boards with utmost quality make your writing on them even smoother and enjoyable. For your different usage and areas of applications, we provide you our Interactive White Boards in different models:

Interactive Board (Finger Touch)
  • EasyRite Model ROS-79

Interactive Board (Finger Touch – Ceramic)

  • EasyRite Model ROS-81C


EasyRite Interactive Board can be widely applied in the school teaching, business presentation, project- discussing, decision-making, stuff-training, lecture-delivering, seminar as well as on-line conference and education. With Interactive Board, users can present their ideas in a more effective, interactive and collaborative way.

Hardware Features:

  • Quick and accurate response.
  • Anti abrasion & anti chemical erosion for a longer life.
  • Shock proof & vibration resistant.
  • Cutomized hot keys.
  • USB connectivity to PC.
  • No external power.
  • Available with stand or wall mounting.
  • Works in conjuction with Interactive Panl, Inteactive Pad & Visual Presenter.

Software Features :

  • Electronic pen can replace the mouse and chalk, and provides the double-click & right-click function.
  • Adopt 6 points orientation technology to guarantee accurate writing and operation.
  • Four working modes are available for various circumstances: Control Mode, Window Mode, Annotation Mode, and Full Screen Mode.
  • Practical functions : In addition to writing and drawing, our software provides other practical function for classroom-teaching and business- presentation.
  • Abundant teaching resources : The software of  EasyRite Interactive Board provides abundant and colorful teaching resource, covering arts, geography, history, mathematics, science and technology etc.
  • Insert external resource from your need : Users can insert external resource such as images, flash, and video etc as they need, and establish a customized database.
  • Free update periodically : The software will be updated periodically, and be provided for our users for free.

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