EasyRite Interactive Pad

Code:   EIP02

We make it even interactive and techno with our product range of EasyRite™ Portable Interactive Pad. It’s a wireless solution that enhances creativity and introduces participants to a new dynamic presentation. Using a single computer a presenter can connect up to 50 wireless tablets at one time to annotate over existing documents and pictures. Its sleek, modern design allows you to draw, annotate, edit images and manipulate computer applications without being tethered to a desk or computer.

Special Features

  1. Making Teaching Material in Real Time :   Instant recording can be easily done by pressing a single click. The lesson  and the recording of the lesson can proceed simultaneously; there is no need for complicated post production.
  2. New Freedom Brought by Bluetooth Technology :  Wireless technology can reach a distance of 10 to 15 meters. All functions such as hand-written notations and printing can be controlled remotely. No matter whether you are a presenter or an attendee, you can control it with ease.
  3. Multi-User Interactivity : One single PC can connect to 50 hand-writing tablets, allowing multiple users to interact and discuss in real time.
  4. Healthy and Environment-Conscious :  No more breaking fingernails or breathing in chalk dust by using the traditional blackboard, and no more breathing in volatile solvent from whiteboard markers. Your health will be protected.
  5. Flexible and Efficient :  Multiple blackboard templates are provided, such as large green blackboards, whiteboards, and boards with map . The users can also design their own templates, or download various teaching materials from supporting websites.
  6. Large-Size Whiteboard :  You can have a large electronic whiteboard of any sizes when it is used with projectors and notebook computers.
  7. For Use with Professional Drawing :  An all-purpose drawing board. Suitable for uses with all types of drawing software. A pressure-sensitive wireless pen is also provided to offer precision, lightweight,  and flexibility, so that light or heavy writing strokes can be conveyed professionally, which greatly facilitates professional design and drawing.
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