EasyTest Interactive Response System / Electronic Voting System

Code:   EIRS01

We at Ankita Enterprises aim at giving you performance with class. Every product by us is featured with high quality and upgraded specifications for various areas of applications. This product called the Interactive Response System  is an Electrical Voting Meter that provides a class in its use while making votes or giving opinions via electrical.

EasyTest INTERACTIVE RESPONSE SYSTEM  gives the head a control system at his fingers tips to get immediate response & has the facility of knowing the results at a glance there by giving him the option of making corrections and rectifying the responses then and there.

Special Features

  • Combines response system interactively, customized presentation formative assessments, On-line reporting into one complete solution.
  • Inspires, motivates and  empowers  each individual student/participant.
  • Displays right/wrong feedback instantly.


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